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World of Tanks: Wave 6 Tank: British (Crusader)

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Widely known for it’s performance in the deserts of North Africa the Crusader is perfect for high speed attack runs on an unsuspecting
enemy. Combine its naturally high initiative with Improved Communications to give a boost to the entire platoon.

The Crusader, used by the British in the deserts of North Africa, is another speedster like the American M24 Chaffee. It gains an additional hit point over its American friend, but at the cost of two crew slots and the Arrow Shot special rule (which means it is less likely to cause critical hits). This means that straight of the box it will hang around longer, but possibly at the cost of dealing less damage… but if you are in the fight for one extra round that may be all the time you need to win the game! If you are looking to reduce the cost of your tank you can upgrade the gun to an OQF 3-inch Howitzer MK.I which removes the Arrow Shot rule and gives your tank High Explosive. This is a great option if you are feeling lucky with your dice… well are you?

Inside the Crusader Expansion Pack, you will find a highly detailed, assembled, pre-primed plastic Crusader tank miniature and tank card. Your tank can be further personalised to match your requirements using the five crew, module, and upgrade cards included.