About Us

It all started out as a joke...

"Solon can you see if you can get us some gaming products since we can't find a reliable local supplier?" So jokingly, Solon started calling distributors. Despite of being an owner of a restaurant, he actually managed to start working with a few distributors of tabletop gaming products and developed great professional relationships with them. Through the increasing support of the local tabletop gaming community, a game store started to take shape inside a restaurant. 
Then COVID-19 came. The pandemic devastated restaurants around the university district. Solon believes that a tabletop game store would be a very good addition to the university area once the pandemic eases up. So he decided to close down the restaurant, turning the location into a full-blown tabletop game store on August 2021.
Tabletop Renaissance Games & Hobbies is a business shaped by gamers and customers, providing a friendly atmosphere and second-to-none customer service. The Tabletop Renaissance community is enthusiastic, friendly, inclusive and helpful. This store is truly by gamers, for gamers.