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Warhammer 40000: Codex: Thousand Sons

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The Thousand Sons advance into battle preceded by a kaleidoscope of warp fire and flashes of raw sorcery. In the center march the Rubricae, relentless warriors who calmly unleash salvo after salvo against the enemy, at the behest of the mighty Sorcerers who rule their fragmented Legion. Around them run herds of screaming Tzaangors, cultists who utter incantations, tortured machines of war, and immense beasts whose very presence causes mutation and insanity.

Led by the colossal Demon Primarch Magnus the Red, these demented bones rush into battle to fulfill Tzeentch's will. Everything they do serves the unfathomable purposes of their divinity. To face the Thousand Sons is to fight against the threads of fate itself, without knowing what ends we ultimately serve, even in victory. 

In war, the Thousand Sons combine the strength of the Chaos Space Marines with cultists and mutant beasts. What's more, the Thousand Sons master witchcraft so that they fight in flesh and blood, but also psychically - and only the most powerful of opposing psykers can hope to match them.

This 96-page book gives you everything you need to embark on a supernatural crusade of terror across the galaxy, and make the most of the myriad units at your disposal. Along with the rules, it contains extensive history, stunning illustrations, and expertly painted figures to inspire you. 

In this book you will find:

- The history of the Thousand Sons, including their role in the Horus Heresy, their current strength in Warhammer 40,000 and the insane history of their master Tzeentch 
- A detailed description of the organization and iconography of the Thousand Sons and the cults they encompass 
- A bestiary of the Thousand Sons that describes the context of each unit and Character
- A gallery of Citadel miniatures painted to a mind 
- boggling standard - The rules of the units accessible to the armies of Thousand Sons, including 25 datasheets 
- Stratagems, Relics and optional secondary objectives that define the unusual tactics of the Thousand Sons 
- A Crusade section presenting the Intentions, Bounties of Chaos, Psychic Vigor, Requisitions, Battle Traits, Unique Esoteric Discoveries rules, and Crusade Relics for your Thousand Sons to amass 
- Plus everything else 

You need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook to use the rules contained in this codex.