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Mistborn: House War - The Siege of Luthadel Expansion

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Kelsier’s revolution has succeeded. The Lord Ruler is gone. Your story is just beginning...

Following the Lord Ruler’s downfall in Mistborn: The Final Empire, the surviving noble Houses face a brave new world filled with great opportunity and even greater danger. With the empire in disarray and the populace liberated from the Steel Ministry’s iron grip, the nobility is free to pursue new agendas and ancient vendettas.

Protecting the capital is the provisional government of King Elend Venture, scion of House Venture and beloved of Vin, a powerful skaa Mistborn. Together with the survivors of Kelsier’s crew, Elend and the Luthadel Assembly spearhead a fledgling republic led by commoners and noblemen alike. They are supported by lesser Houses like Penrod and the Church of the Survivor — skaa faithful revering Kelsier as a god — and the people are taking their first wobbly steps toward self-rule.

Outside the city walls, threats abound. Minor kingdoms squabble and divide the empire into lots. Bandits terrorize the countryside. Hulking koloss — devastating engines of fury and destruction now freed from the Lord Ruler’s control — wantonly lay waste to villages and towns. Amid the chaos, Houses Cett, Lekal, and Venture amass armies to impose order and seize control of this new world. These Houses now march on Luthadel, their eyes set upon the crown jewel of the Empire and its trove of the precious Atium.

Beyond this mounting conflict, strange supernatural forces are stirring. The mists that dominate the night now come during the day as well. Whole villages fall to a strange sickness, and fearful rumors persist of a spirit wandering the mist. It’s up to Vin, the scholar Sazed, and their allies to learn why this is happening — and save the world before it all falls apart.

In The Siege of Luthadel, the noble Houses that survived the Lord Ruler’s fall are rebuilding and addressing the myriad Problems of the aftermath to curry the Favor of the people. In this desperate time, a new and bitter rift has developed: should a new Lord Ruler rise to power, or should the people determine their own fate? This disagreement leads to a military conflict between the Houses, and a siege of the capital city of Luthadel.

Through their actions, the leader of each House supports either the Attackers at the city walls, or the city’s beleaguered Defenders. Their decisions win the Allegiance of those who believe in their cause, and the Impact of their choices will determine which faction is victorious.

Key to this burgeoning war is control of the Koloss, a terrifying horde of savage brutes Rampaging through the countryside, massing their Spoils of war as they march towards the capital…

Vin’s journey to discover the truth of the mists terrorizing the world, and the truth of the Hero of Ages, becomes a race against time as the inevitable Battle of Luthadel approaches. Will she rescue the city before it collapses beneath the weight of the siege?

This is where you come in…