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GodHand Flat Cutting Nippers

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GodHand - Nipper PN-125


Normal Nipper (Plastic cutting nipper) GH-PN-125


Spec/ Material

  1. Spec Length: 130mm Thickness of grip: 12mm (thickest part)
  2. Weight: 55g Material: Tool steel Hardness of the edge: HRC 45~55
  3. Spec is reference range.
  4. There might be size tolerance.
  5. New structure “Clack spring”!
  6. Does not rely on spring for opening blades.
  7. New structure “Clack spring”!
  8. Once opened to a certain angle, the stopper gets released and can open edges fully.

Cutting ability

  1. Plastic diameter limited under 3mm
  2. Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile-buta-diene-styrene, and PE resin
  3. Cannot cut metal
  4. Can cut transparent runner too!

Made In Japan