Solon's journey into building a Soulblight Gravelords army. Entry #2

Solon's journey into building a Soulblight Gravelords army. Entry #2

So I actually got something done, and it felt good!

You might ask "Why Vargheists? They don't give you the most bang for your buck." And to that, I say "Because they look cool!" 

They might not be the most competitive, but they sure look like fun! That's the most important thing to me.

Onto the painting...

For army painting, I thought I might be using a lot of Contrast Paint type paints. While I can prime the whole model white/beige, I want to maintain a relatively high level of contrast, so I primed everything with a Zenithal Prime, a bright one at that because I know I will be using quite a bit of gloomy colors like Citadel: Dreadful Visage for the flesh. 

I also primed a Vampire Lord along with the hulking monstrosities, because every vampire army needs a lord at the forefront, or the mid field, or the back... I dunno. I need to play a few games before I know where to put him.

When the primers are nice and dry, I hit the unit with Citadel: Dreadful Visage through an airbrush. After that, it was Citadel: Blood Angels Red being airbrushed onto the tips of any hair, and the wings.

 Washing and Dry Brushing!

I washed the teeth and claws with Citadel: Aggaros Dunes. Same with all the mane and hair bits. Yes, the whole thing, even over the Blood Angels Red on the hair (Trust me, it won't "reactivate" like some other brand). The Aggaros Dunes gives the red more definition, and the mane a smoother transition from brown to red.

I repeated the same process on the body and wings with Citadel Dreadful Visage, giving the muscles a pale purple tint and let the dark purple define the red on the wings. 

After all the washes were dried, I line-highlighted the faces with Vallejo Heavy Warmgrey, waited for it to dry again, then drybrush the wings, faces, and muscles with Heavy Warmgrey again. Keep your brush slightly moist so your paint won't turn out chalky. 

This is turning out to be a painting tutorial... Oh well, I'm half way there already, might as well finish it.

After fixing all the mishaps, I soaked the base with Citadel: Basilicanum Grey. Once that's dried. I dry brushed patches of AK Scarlet Red, and AK Blue Purple on the ground, because Vampiric Glamorous Necromantic magic. Stuck some Army Painter: Deadland Tuft on the bases. Done! 

I was going to add more details like purple spots on the skin. But I had to remind myself I am army painting, not display piece painting.

One step closer to a complete army!

I am probably going to work on some Deathrattle Skeletons next. I will see you again on the next blog! Take care until then!


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