The Warmaster Calls - Son's of Horus Army Blog.

The Warmaster Calls - Son's of Horus Army Blog.

"'I was there,’ he would say afterwards, until afterwards became a time quite devoid of laughter. ‘I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor.’ - Garviel Loken Horus Rising. 

 I always love starting a new project and today I'm happy to announce the start of my new Son's of Horus Project. I hope that by writing this blog not only can I keep my eye from wandering too far but also help new players tackle on armies. I'll be showing how I plan armies long term but how I keep them manageable. So with the goals of the blog out of the way lets talk about this project. 

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When tackling the Warmaster's own I have a few goals in mind. I want them to play aggressive on the table so I will pick units accordingly. Due to this aggression I want the unit themselves to look brutal so I have to make sure I customize each one with this in mind. Lastly I want to pick units and weapons I haven't ran before to test my self on the table. 

So with those thoughts present I'm going to plan my first one thousand points of the army. Now due to a very good friend and my previous project I have a HQ already painted and ready for the field. Shown in the banner above you can see that the hq stand's out and with his equipment he is going to be in your face. I now have to complement his nature. 

In Horus Heresy you need two troop choices as a minimum. I have alot of options but I have been dying to try a Despoiler Squad. Chain sword wielding baddies that rush towards to enemies. I'm going to make a nice 20 man squad since even if I have some causalities rushing toward enemy lines some of them should make it there. 

My second troop choice is going a 20 man tactical squad with chain swords. Armed with bolters they should be able to give supporting fire as a the despoilers rush the enemy but I also wanted to give them a close combat edge. I also hope in games there numbers will be able to last against most barrages and hold objectives. 

Now that I have my minimum's selected I need some anti tank that is brutal up-close. I'm going to also build a ten man heavy support squad armed with the deadly multi-melta. It's a close range anti tank that is going to force me to rush in close to get into range. I also never run this type of unit so i'm curious how it will hold up compared to my tanks i've used

Now at this time I ran out of points and I now have my first goal in sight. I got fifty infantry to paint and though this may seem daunting it's manageable since we got this plan. Now that we know what models we need it's time to make these stand out from other armies. That is where 3d printing will help me out. 


Now for this project I wanted to use the new and amazing MK VI kit that games workshop released as a base. In order to further enhance this army i'll be mixing in different bits from not only official Forgeworld kits but some wonderful 3d parts I got online. I'll be able to add little bits to each unit from custom helmets to different weapons to make each squad have character. The goal is to help tell each's squad legend and history while they fight and die on the battlefield. 

So that is my plan for how I'm going to start this ambitious project. I'll be posting in the coming week's how I'm fairing and hope you will cheer me on as I work through these first fifty troops.


So till the next post keep rocking everyone and keep your paint brushes going! 






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