Collection: Backlog@TTR

Want to save on shipping cost? Here's our solution for you! Keep the items you purchased in the "backlog" for up to 2 months at no charge*. When you feel like you have enough to ship out, choose a shipping rate or choose FREE SHIPPING if the combined subtotal is over $300, and we will ship out your orders!

Step 1: To add items to the Backlog, choose "Hold this order in Backlog@TTR" at checkout as the shipping method. Then proceed to payment as normal.

Step 2: When you are ready to ship your orders in the Backlog, choose one of the shipping method listed below. Or Free Shipping if your Backlog orders add up to $300 or more (before tax and shipping cost) .

Step3: List the Order Numbers you want to ship in the Special Instruction at the cart, and we will box it up and send it out!

*A storage fee of $5 will apply to any order exceeding the 2 months holding period.